Clipper Coffee Merchants - Bulk Brew Bar

Clipper Coffee Merchants is Shoreditch’s first bulk brew bar, opening in March, and showcasing stunning single origins, including those carefully selected by our friend at Ozone Coffee Roasters, James Gurr, from coffee farms in Brazil.

You’ll have the opportunity to taste a range of single origins, talk to our coffee specialists and learn about how we source our coffees and of course, enjoy a great brew. Our small space will be beautifully designed, raw and earthy, inherently taking you on a journey from farm to cup and evoking a sensory experience as you savour the flavour and aroma with new friends and old.

London is embracing specialty coffee and this is the next step in the evolution. We’ll be sharing our continually changing single origin menu so you can taste coffees you’ve never tasted before and experience the unique flavours of varieties from farm to farm.

Bulk Brew Bar

Our brew bar will be offering seasonal, fresh crop coffees and you can be confident the coffees we serve will be flavourful and full of freshness and vibrancy that is traditionally lost as coffee matures. You’ll be greeted by brew professionals that prepare coffees with meticulous detail, while sharing their knowledge and passion for coffee, and telling you about the lives of the farmers and growers from where we source our coffees. Our coffees are roasted just up the road at Ozone Coffee Roasters, specialty coffee experts. Using time-honoured roasting processes, each coffee is carefully roasted to highlight the unique flavour characteristics through soft brew methods. And, if you want to enjoy these coffees at home, you can buy online from our friends at www.ozonecoffee.co.uk

Farm to Cup

Visiting coffee farms is a truly rewarding experience and each farm’s workers, managers, agronomists and technicians all play integral parts in delivering specialty quality coffee. The farms we source our coffees from in Brazil have an atmosphere laden with rich coffee growing history, and we were always greeted with warm generosity, fresh coffee from the farm, cold local beers and Cachaca. It’s been our dream to directly contribute to farms we visited in November and we’ll be contributing 25p from every cup of coffee to projects that directly benefit our friends at origin and ensure they can remain focused on growing stunning, rich and complex coffee.

Kick Starter Campaign

Coffee is a social experience, and we invite you to be part of our Kickstarter project. Specialty coffee deserves to be served with specialty equipment and vessels. By supporting our campaign, you’ll be helping us create a space that gives coffee the attention it truly deserves. And, enjoy some exclusive Kickstarter only benefits. So choose a pledge and let’s get brewing.

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Journey to Brazil

Ozone Coffee Roaster’s James Gurr (head roaster), along with Paul Newbold (NZ head roaster) have just returned from an epic trip to the growing region of Minas Gerais in Brazil.


Introducing Ozone Coffee Roasters

We are excited to confirm that we will be serving Ozone Coffee Roaster at our all new Clipper Coffee Merchants bulk brew bar.


The story behind Clipper

We’ve often been asked why we chose “Clipper Coffee Merchants” for the name of London’s first bulk brew coffee bar.



Drop us a line or just say Hello! Address is: 87 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London

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Coffee is a social experience, and we invite you to be part of our Kickstarter project.